Before the Patient Visit

Digital Front Door and Patient Registration

Drastically reduce training requirements with AI guidance for all
patient types. AdviNOW streamlines intake for Medicare,
Medicaid, provider, non-provider, and worker's comp visits
with advanced self scheduling, insurance eligibility, payments,
easy check in, document uploads, and digital signatures.

AI Q&A Chatbot and Triage

Our AI assisted Q&A asks the right questions, closes care gaps,
then creates and charts HPI/ROS into your EMR. Automate triage
to the appropriate level and point of care. Auto schedule labs to
further streamline physician schedules and delight patients.

During the Patient Visit

Augmented Reality Measurement System

Every clinic is a clinic of the future. Empower your medical assistant to move beyond basic vitals and assist your physician with ear, throat, lung and heart exams. Give providers all the data they need to diagnose even before they meet with the patient.

Interactive One-Page Physician Report

Provider gets actionable peer reviewed insights instantly. AI assistant compiles all subjective and objective data into a concise summary, complete with rank ordered illnesses, vitals, suggested labs, and chronic illness management plans.

Decision/Treatment/Coding Support

Make well informed decisions at a glance. AdviNOW correlates illnesses with patient history backed by peer reviewed literature.

After the Patient Visit

AI Scribed SOAP Note

Streamline charting effortlessly. AI assistant scribes a
detailed draft SOAP note for provider approval
before discretely populating everything to the EMR
as if a human did it. Maximize your productivity and
focus on patient care.

AI Post-Encounter Communication

Stay connected with patients for acute and chronic care
follow-up. Our AI-powered text message automation
platform ensures ongoing communication, providing
patients with the support they need for better health

AI Frees the Provider and Improves Each Step

Help More

Increase patient throughput up to 2x while decreasing provider burnout. Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.

Save Time Verifying Data

No more back and forth with Physicians. All patient visit data is curated and consistent in the EMR.

Profit More

Eliminate administrate burden, consolidate vendors code at appropriate levels, Scale your processes with AI and make your team more efficient and productive.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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