Asynchronous Care Becomes a Reality

Years ago doctors always took pulse, blood pressure and temperature measurements themselves. Empower staff members to take ear, throat, lung, and heart exams. Recorded images and sounds saved in your EMR and reviewed asynchronously by provider.

Create Consistency

Eliminate intake errors and ensure all patient data is captured and recorded appropriately in the EMR.

Increase Throughput

Up to 2x increase while decreasing provider burnout. Spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.

Increase Billing

Adding medical measurements to telemedicine


the number of patients per hour and still interact with each patient more when clerical burdens are eliminated.

Elevate Your Practice

AdviNOW’s AR measurement system revolutionizes clinical practices by eliminating the requirement for medical expertise to conduct and document physical exams. Empower individuals, regardless of their medical background, to capture and record crucial physical exam data, including sights and sounds

Efficiency Boost

Simplify physical exam data collection, eliminating
the need for extensive medical expertise. This
enhances clinic efficiency, allowing healthcare
professionals to allocate more time to patient care
and critical medical decisions.

Accessible Data

Facilitate easy and accurate recording of image
and sound data into your EMR enabling longitudinal
patient studies with actual data.

Optimized Workflow

AdviNOW’s technology streamlines clinic workflows
by empowering non-medical staff to handle physical
exam measurements. This results in increased productivity
and a more positive patient experience.


EMR Agnostic Solutions

Your data is stored in your EMR only.

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